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Originally Posted by ManOfGrey View Post
This is a great example, since you chose the "relevant" stat as 13. It illustrates exactly what I'm suggesting. Using the "point buy" system I have outlined above, if you work out the math, this player may only choose one stat to be 13. This uses up all of their characteristic points. Since your next example was a Medic, I am going to assume the player chose Intelligence to be that characteristic. Assuming this is what happens, this character's UPP is 555D55.

You're correct. He's a super-genius. But that's all he does. Yes. On any Intelligence based skill, he can almost never fail a Difficult task.

But on any other Difficult task roll, based on any other stat with a skill of 1, his odds are 5+1 = 6 or less on 2.5d6. The average roll on 2.5d6 is 9. He will fail 87% of all Difficult tasks he tries.

If someone wants to make a character that throws all their eggs in one basket like this, that fine, as far as I'm concerned. As long as they have to give up something in return. No one gets to do everything! If this example character wants to shoot a gun, pilot a spaceship, or use a vacc suit, and it's a Difficult task, he will only succeed 13% of the time. That's the consequence of having a 13 Intelligence. If one stat goes up, then one stat has to come down. If one stat goes up at lot, then at lot of stats have to come down.
In fact, he desn't need so, as I already told:

Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
Better to invest your points in INT 8 and SOC 9 (total 51 points, leaving you 29 more of other stats (hint: don't use any in EDU)).
As explained there, he has good chances to be allowed in the COllege, to perseverate and even to achieve honors, being able to enter Medical School.

And he has yet 29 points to alocate to other stats (again, none is needed for EDU, so only physical ones), being able to be average in most of them...

He then can use some skill rolls in PDT ,as he will end his educational time with at least 8 skill levels (over 50% of having JOT among them) , 2 more if he achieved NOTC, 2 more if he achieved honors in the Medical School, and up to 3 more if he's lucky and does not roll medic in the Medical School table...

And he will begin as O3 in the Navy at 26 years...
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