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Originally Posted by ManOfGrey View Post
Back to our Brawling example. With a Strength of A, and a Brawling of 2, a character would have to roll 10+2 = 12 or less on 2d6. This character would never fail that task.

And if everyone's UPP is AAAAAA, then there is practically no task they can fail at if they just have a skill level of -1 or -2, for a "Average" skill roll. Even if the difficulty is "Difficult," that's just a roll on 2.5d6. In my opinion, 11 or 12 or less is not a "difficult" roll when the average on 2.5d6 is 9, and the maximum you can roll is 15
Yes, and that's what I don't like about T4. To caomapre with other systems I know (this is alredy discussed in the post I linked before):

This same average player, 777777 , skill 1 trying to do an average task:
  • In CT: it was assumed 8+ , with a +1 due to skill, so it needed 7+ roll in 2d6, slightly over average
  • in MT: an average task needed 7+. Stat 7 gave +1, and skill another +1, s oyou needed to roll 5+. Quite easier (one of the flaws of MT, IMHO, as task rolls were too low for average tasks)
  • in T4: stat + sill is 8, so you need to roll 8- on 2d6. about halfway among CT and MT
  • in MgT: needs 8+, with no stat DM and +1 for skill: as CT.
The difference is when things are not so average. Let's asume relevant stat is 13 and task difficult:
  • In CT: we asume the referee assigns a -2 DM (or that you need 10+ to success) , stat DMs varied, but ir used to be a +1 or +2, So, with a +1 due to skill, so it needed 7-8+ roll in 2d6.
  • in MT: an difficult task needed 11+. Stat 13 gave +2, and skill another +1, s oyou needed to roll 8+. More or less like CT
  • in T4: stat + sill is 14, so you need to roll 14- on 2.5d6. Only fail in catastrophic failure...
  • in MgT: needs 10+, with `2 du t ostat and +1 for skill you'd need a 7+.
Now let's asume a 26 years old, college trained, Medica School jsut graduated doctortrying a medical task:
  • In CT it would have an average EDU of 10+ and Medic skill 3 . So it probably would have a DN of +4 or +5 (depending on how the referee assigns the DMs due to stats.
  • In MT its EDU will be again about 10+ and medic skill 3. SO its DM will be +5, being able to handle dificult tasks more often than not (6+), a Fromidable one sometimes (10+, as target is 15+) and he cannot with ain imposible task (of course, cautious attempts may change those numbers)
  • In T4, EDU will be 15 (even if he began with 4, the mínimum for college, he'd earned +4 at college, +1 for honors, +6 at Medical School, and medic skill 3. So its target number wil lbe 18, he can dafely handle any task up to Formidable (3d6) ,and even an Impossible task (4d6) wil lbe quite safe for him....
  • MgT has not such Medical School, no i don't use it in this comparison.
And even at any other task in anything he has skill level 1, DMs will be +2/+3 in CT, +3 in MT, but will need a 16- in T4, so being quite outstanding on them in T4, while not so in CT/MT
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