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Default 21 Vehicles 2nd Edition now available!

21 Vehicles 2nd Edition is now available in PDF!

(Print version should follow soon)

Please note that if you purchased the first edition from back in the old days, you should find that your DTRPG library has been updated with the new version at no charge to you. Thanks for buying the first version!

If you haven't bought the first edition, the second edition is now available for sale!

Need a ride?

21 Vehicles is the first book in a new series set within our Clement Sector setting. Within this publication are details and illustrations of twenty-one civilian and military vehicles that can be typically found within the Clement Sector.

All the vehicles have been designed using the Cepheus Engine Vehicle Design Guide (by the author of this book) which is available from Moon Toad Publishing and thus can readily be used within any setting using the Cepheus Engine rules system. The vehicles can be used with other settings as well with a minimum of effort.

John Watts

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