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First, thank you for your contribution and input.

Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
The Main Battery Directors on the Iowa-class battleships have electro-mechanical ballistics computers for fire control of the 16 Inch Guns. The Directors for the 5 Inch Guns also had electro-mechanical ballistic computers for anti-aircraft fire, and the system was viewed by even the British as the best ship-board anti-aircraft control system for the entire war and world. It was developed in the 1930s. The 40mm quads also had simple ballistics computers for fire control, generally one per quad.

This was not a case of using guesstimates and the Mark One eyeball. The 5 inch directors all had radar rangefinders mounted on them, as did the main battery directors.

Apparently the rules have no understanding of fire control equipment prior to electronic computers.
Thanks, that was a lot of useful information that I did not have.

One gearhead to another, I think MegaTraveller and TNE:FF&S have some data on electronics, sensors and computers at other (lower) TLs that could be mined to expand the list of options. The goal of CE was not to be all things to all people, it was to give everyone a set of core rules that they could hang THEIR THING from. For that purpose it provides a framework of ...
  • Controls
  • Sensors
  • Communications
  • Computers
... that we can hang additional choices from with a minimal effort.

As for the power plant, it was an external combustion steam plant, with two boilers and one turbine per fire room. The middle third of the ship was occupied by that. I would suggest you take a look at some good ships drawing on the Iowas. They can be found in Norm Friedmanís US Battleship Design and Development or Bob Sumrallís Iowa-Class Battleships, while Norm Friedmanís Battleship Design and Development should also be consulted. I have all in hard copy and have gone through them several times.
It is funny that you mention that. I was just recently setting up for a Traveller game based on a waterworld with 19th Century Technology (TL 3-4) and just finished reading quite a few books on the Hisory and Development of Steam Engines and Boilers ... so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

Looking at the rules and how they function, it is a distinction without a difference. There is a giant difference between the efficiency of a TL 3 low pressure, wood fired atmospheric steam engine and a TL 4 high pressure coal fired 'locomotive' type steam engine. There is a large difference between the efficiency of the TL 4 Coal fired, 'locomotive' boiler and a TL 5 oil fired water tube boiler steam turbine. The difference in efficiency between a TL 5 steam turbine and a TL 5 internal combustion engine is minimal in comparison.

I thought about the possibility of adding a TL 5 steam turbine, but it's game statistics would probably look exactly the same as the Internal Combustion engine.

Do you have any data to indicate that a Steam Turbine is 50% more/less expensive than a marine diesel of comparable SHP? What about 50% larger/smaller than a marine diesel of comparable SHP? If there is no significant difference in either COST or SIZE per SHP, then there will be no difference in the rules per Game Mechanics. It becomes just "chrome" to decorate the descriptive text.

The controls space you give is simply ridiculous, as that took up one entire bridge level.
No argument on that, except that I think it is an "apples to oranges" comparison in the Vehicle Design Rules. The "Controls" are the wheel and levers used by the Ship's Pilot on the Bridge and NOTHING MORE. All of the engine controls are part of the "Drive" and "Power Plant". All of the weapon controls are part of the "Weapons" spaces. Controls are just the controls for the one person that steers the ship to hold on to.

I will post more comments latter.
I look forward to it.
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