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A Traveller can carry equipment totaling a number of kilograms equal to combined STR and END, plus ranks in athletics, without penalty.

(This should be average of STR+END in Kg.)


An average PC with 7 STR and 7 END would by this rule easily carry 14kg without penalty. That's 30lbs of gear. I guarantee you aren't going to be running or doing anything without penalty with a 30lb backpack or sack of dog food on your back.

The same PC could carry up to 60lbs with a Bane. I have seen Many common soldiers with rucks up to 110 lbs, and not one of them had exceptional stats.

An exceptional PC with 10 STR and 10 END could carry 20kg, or 44 lbs. 88lbs with a Bane.

The unencumbered value is too high, and the max load value is too low.

"the mass of armor is distributed...You can reduce the mass of 75%"
Id suggest this applies to all properly carried and stowed gear, such as any backpack, gear attachments, etc.
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