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Originally Posted by Spinward Scout View Post
Hey Everybody,

I thought we could start a thread for Mongoose Traveller version 2 errata. I've found a couple of things.

pg. 145
last paragraph says:

But when you turn to the next page (pg. 146), there are no Encounters in bold on the Space Encounters table.
IMO the items that are meant to be bold (Ive put an asterisk against them in my book) are items 2, 11, 16, 21, 23, 24, 36, 42, 51, 56, 61, 71, 75, 86, 93 and you could feasibly also add items 63, 95 and 96 to those depending on your ship size and mission.

Overall there is very little errata in this book and I am very happy to see Mongoose producing stuff of this quality.
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