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In my opinion, it's dangerous to make pronouncements about what players want. Even statements that seem universal, like "players want choices" actually are not.

There's an entire class of passive player who is happy to be along for the ride, and not only isn't interested in choices, but would actively prefer to make as few as necessary.

For me, understanding expectations about the kind of game people want is the first step. At the same time, I believe it is almost axiomatic that GMs run the kinds of games they would have most liked to play, and there may be a tension between those two elements.

For instance, there may be players who are new to the setting, or who perhaps are indifferent to the setting. But the GM may love the universe and want to explore it in detail.

Personally, I feel the more the players and the GM are in tune with the sort of game it should be, the better experience for everyone
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