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I'm predominantly in the "wing-it" camp, and have been using the old FASA "Sky Raiders" trilogy of adventures over the past year or so (yeah, we don't play that often). They're a mix of site-based and scripted (the former due to "here's the situation in this episode, how it gets solved is up to the PCs", the latter due to some heavy-handed "the PCs will be forced to do X to get to the site", or "ensure NPC so-and-so survives for the next episode"). I mostly ignore the scripted parts, which lead to the PCs solving in unexpected fashion, or in one case short-circuiting completely, significant situations in the script. But since they were interested in the overall situation (solve the Sky Raiders mystery), it didn't derail anything.

My goal was to use the trilogy as an extended introduction to CT, which worked: they all have a much better understanding of MTU, their characters, the rules, etc.

Now the group has just mis-jumped out of the Saulente system, in an old Sky Raiders scout ship, and I have no idea where they're going to go: I'm going to present them with a subsector map and some library data on it and see what happens.
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