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Default GT: Far Trader Trade Routes

In reading through the section on establishing and mapping trade routes, a couple of things occurred to me.

First of all, it is established canon that the mega-corps have J4 freighters that run along the xboat routes. It seems to me that there would be cases where a main route running between two worlds in different subsectors (e.g. Efate (SPIN 1705) and Rhylanor (SPIN 2716) ) would have a couple of J4's in their routes between worlds that are both on xboat routes. Efate-Roup and Risek-Rhylanor come to mind. Because we know that J4 freighters are there, why wouldn't they be used to their full capacity? Or do the J4 freighters only jump back and forth between two worlds that have a J4 xboat connection?

Second, the description of main and feeder routes says that the routes are J2 (or J3 where a jump can be saved). In looking at the maps, a jump can be saved in most cases except where worlds are only a few parsecs apart (1, 2, or 4). If I were to draw in the most economical trade routes (i.e. least number of jumps) wouldn't it be more appropriate to say that feeder and main routes are J3 routes except where a J2 ship can handle the job in the same number of hops.

What am I missing?


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