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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Miklos struggles to his feet and staggers into the Med Bay, holding onto the doorframe as he goes. He heads for the closest seat and plops down. He stares down into the new sickbag as if carefully considering using it.
OOC, not sure what or how you handle space sickness stuff as I the player does not know, but Doc sure does. So,

Doc proceeds to talk of various things and while Miklos is concentrating on whether to use the bag or not, Doc fixes him right up.

Once done with Miklos, Doc gathers up his bag and helps Miklos up. 'Well, now that wasn't so bad, I recommend just taking it easy in your room for a while. If taking a hot shower normally makes you feel good, you might consider that.'

Doc walks with Miklos to his quarters and once he is inside the door, Doc then heads to passenger David Verchanski's quarters. Pressing the intercom button on the outside of the door, 'Hello, David, this Doc Freeman. I was wondering if you are doing ok, since we left Jump?'
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