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Default Sorry for the hiatus!

Sorry for hardly posting these last few weeks, but external affairs intervened...
I've been doing quite a lot of work on the shared Science-Fiction universe Basilicus ( ). I haven't done much work on Million Stars ( ), partially because creating the maps involved a program hosted by a website which I wasn't able to access (the program in question is Hexographer). I'll update the Explorer Base ( ) as soon as I finish more sector data or I'm able to get to my "Zalucha" write-up. I still have the idea of an Explorer Base fanzine, likely involving/discussing the Orion OB1 Association, with maybe some Million Stars ATU stuff (I'm still working on the jump/transport system). I might also include the world (Rugbird and Zalucha) and race (Etra and Lanthusandr) write-ups in the fanzine.

So, what do you think?
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