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In response to samuelvss' post (far-trader's got in between )

Ah - looked up the Book 3 CT description - yep, that's it, except my reprint says 'anti-gravity' in place of 'grav' - yet still uses the 'null-grav unit' for propulsion...

LOL - well, at least the writing style was consistent! Goes quite well with naming a vehicle, designed to operate in any environment, notably a vacuum, an 'Air/Raft'.

Like you said, since there is gravity generally everywhere, that really doesn't put any limits on things. However, the paragraph does state '...;passengers must wear vacc suits and interplanetary travel in an air/raft is not possible.' Of course, it doesn't state why - gravitics limits or range/exposure - though the game mechanic of an hour per planetary digit size to reach orbit implies that it cannot move as fast going away from a gravity well.

Love the very next sentence - 'Range in time or distance on a world is effectively unlimited, requiring refueling from a ship's power plant every ten weeks or so.' LOL - so, it is 'effectively unlimited' - just, uh, with a limit.

Using an Air/Raft (what a really dumb name for such) for off-world travel never came up in my games, but does seem to come up on forums. Perhaps another advantage to players not having rule books!

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