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MgT is based on CT, which, as far as I know, did not have this concept... certainly haven't come across it in any of the MgT books.

I think the authors intentionally left this vague in MgT - especially if one looks at air rafts.

IMTU, gravitic systems 'create gravity' as well as manipulate existing 'gravitic fields' - so no 'external' gravity is required. Of course, this seems less believable, especially for small devices like grav belts', which I suspect is one of the reasons for the other versions of Traveller to make a distinction. For myself, I make it simple and keep gravitics purely in a fictional realm, rather than trying to tie it to real life physics and perceptions - which just means more effort for no real gain, as it will utterly fail for those of us not more gifted than Einstein.

Like all handwaves, there comes the question of suspension of disbelief - but gravitics (gravity control, not gravity) is fantasy, not science.
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