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Arrow [JBE] d66 Compendium at the Printer

d66 Compendium
48 pages, MSRP $12.99
Roll your dice and enhance every aspect of the universe you love. Know the names of Moons, Space Stations, and that scruffy-looking Vargr sitting at the bar as soon as your players ask. Blast off for Adventure and leave the details to the d66 Compendium.

Based on the one of Traveller’s best-selling PDF series, this collection of quick-reference lists brings the Traveller universe to life with an abundance of imaginative multi-use descriptions to embellish your worlds, your characters and your encounters. It delivers those niggling details about technologies or cultures that make your game come alive – gender-specific names for many of the setting’s alien inhabitants plus mega-corps, manufacturers, pirate ships and even seedy underworld organizations. Tie up the finer points of character creation with names, contacts, homeworlds, scars, and more. The d66 Compendium gives players and referees alike the charts to adventure.


The d66 Compendium is at the printer and should be hitting the shelves of your local game store in about a month. We just wanted to take a moment and share with you the cover of the book. It contains a whopping 74 d66 lists. That's 34 all brand new lists in addition to the current 40 currently available. Additionally, this book, just like Mech Tech 'n' bot: Mech Squadrons, is part of our PDF Guarantee. If you buy the d66 Compendium, you get the pdf for free.

Tell your local game store that you want the d66 Compendium today.
Download the Rusted Fang Station for your game today.

Dale McCoy, Jr.
Jon Brazer Enterprises
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