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I'm going to sound terribly negative but here are some of my first thoughts.

Chargen Seems to produce less skills than even CT. Okay so Skill-0 is emphasised more than before but all basic training being Skill-0? The life events and survival mishaps are nice though by no means original. My main criticism is the lack of variety, 12 events per career. I'd prefer 36.

Task ResolutionWoot thought I. This appears to be using a variant of Ken Bearden's Universal Game Mechanic, a genuine 2D system. Then I spotted the effect and time dice (I'm sure Ken suggested this in an early version of UGM or was it in a T5 document?). After the initiative dice debacle I thought I'd seen the last of fancy dice tricks but nope. Usable still. I'll probably throw a single dice because I'm not messing around with making sure everyone has different coloured dice.

Combat Good Grief. Ok, so on average a combat in my gaming group will see between 3 and 7 players (most likely 4) and up to 10 opponents. Ignoring wanting us to use dice to track initiative for the moment, 17 individuals with varying initiative tracks is a lot of paperwork, not to mention giving me a headache. Armour appears to absorb damage, range chart seems fine, the "ticks" for actions is standard enough, movement is a little limited (6m. max in 2-3 secs??)

These are just my initial issues. We've got a quick online game organised in an hour to find out how badly the combat sucks.
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