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Unhappy The only Hiver here?....

Here's what I used today's allocation of thinking power on:

By profession, I am a mental health nurse, working on a secure/locked ward with very, very mentally poorly people who pose a risk to themselves and others (hence the need for a degree of physical security). In my line of work, I often come across/nurse patients who are extremely manipulative, weird, bizarre, odd, strange and downright plain *wibble* in their actions and speech.

This, in turn, has orientated me towards the Hivers as my favourite OTU race, because:

a) They're weird looking;
b) They manipulate people/cultures etc;
c) They do strange things for no readily apparent reason;
d) They have a unique, socially and psychologically different approach/mindset to the way the OTU works (or should work, in their opinion).

Thus, as a result of my work, I feel best able to portray the Hivers here (and in other places) and I am happy (if a Hiver can be happy! ) that I do so as effectively and authentically as I can.


Do any other CotI members relate so closely to their chosen/favourite OTU race by virtue of your employment or, for that matter, any other aspects of your lives? If so, how? Why? If not, why not?

</End of allocated thinking power for today.>

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