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Originally Posted by Leitz View Post

Now, back to the question. I don't know what good taste is, really, so I'm enlisting people to proof-read my work.
It's actually a very pertinent question these days. And, I'm about to go on a long rant here, but I'll try to inject some concision into my commentary.

Sex has a time and place, but Traveller ain't it. Romantic tension is another matter entirely. Interest on the part of both sexes is good. Going beyond that for young minds, is not a good idea.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s when morays were being challenged, but, there was still a conscious reserve to conduct and conversation.

Stepping aside from proclivities, we come into the realm of what is good taste, and I don't think the general undefined but understood criteria has changed, but I do think that non-sexual smut, notably body function humor or "gags" has just gotten out of control in media. And I think keeping that out of Traveller is a good idea.

Traveller, to me, is still that late 1970's cool game with a very late 1970's transitioning into early 80's mystique and feel to it, even though we're here in 2018 talking about it for contemporary audiences and players. And on that line of thought the rule of thumb is that if it's rude, then don't put it in your piece.

Kids allegedly laugh at flatulence humor. Heck, Ben Franklin wrote about it, but what purpose does it serve to put that in your story other than to push someone's buttons--namely the reader? Pick your body function, or pick your rude gesture, or pick your slur. It's just good form not to go there.

You don't want to encourage people acting like so many YouTube confrontational "put down" / fight video personae, because people tend to take that kind of message as it being okay for them to act out in pubic.

Then again, I don't know. Maybe you do. In which case, as per Aptollard, write your own story with your own setting.

I also like and have stuck with Traveller because for all the violence in it, there is a kind of innocence to it, but certainly not a naivete. People get hurt, and scifi properties like Star Wars and Traveller acknowledge that. But people can be jerks, and unless you're telling a story about jerks, what you really want to do is show good ideal behavior.

If you're truly serious about not knowing what good taste is, then I do feel bad for ya. I suspect you have an idea, but are curious as to how far you can push the boundaries. In which case it may be time to rethink what it is you like about this game verse what you want to create for it or for yourself.

Sorry for the long series of posts in the fiction section, but I think these are important issues.

I should probably log off for a while. Thanks for letting me rant. Me --->
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