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Default Epiphany!

After a long nap this afternoon, I had a moment of enlightenment regarding this build. I was getting kinda frustrated and just about ready to shelve it for the time being...

I moved the turrets around a bit, rotating them 45 degrees (which took them off the top, bottom and sides, and put them on the flat beveled corners instead) and put them out on pylons for interest. I took the huge nose dish, making it into 2 smaller ones and put those on the centerline of the top and bottom. Looks okay, and best of all, completely removes the issue of weapons fire hitting the sensor dishes, and gives the dishes a 360 range.

The two orange boxes are the ATV bays (eventually, just placeholders for the moment) and the box between them is the air/raft bay. On the other side is a long skinny cargo bay (about the same size).

Deckplans are coming along as well (I tend to work the two in conjunction), and I should have something concrete in the next few days.
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