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Originally Posted by navanod View Post

Oh, had a thought about that dish as well...what if we took it off that cylinder thingee and integrated it into the nose? Solves two problems at once. Dunno exactly how yet, but I'll look at it with a fresh view in the morning.
The thing is, and it's a problem most ship designs ignore/fudge, if you put it on the nose all you get is a hemisphere view forward, you're blind to the rest of the sky. My solution (forward but below) is only marginally better giving a little more sweep.

Then again maybe that cylinder thingee is an extending boom to allow a fuller sweep?

Most ship designs just handwave a hull integrated sensor/antenna net to sweep the whole sky without pointing issues. I'd drop the dish myself but for the nod to the original

Originally Posted by navanod View Post
Still haven't figured out how to deal with the ATVs yet either...
Realistically they should be in the small craft and not count towards the ship tonnage. The only way they'll get used on the ground and retrived is via the small craft anyway. It's one way out of that problem anyway
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