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There's an amazing amount of resources out there for low/no budget filmmakers. For me, the largest single investment was the camera.

I picked up a used Canon HV30 off ebay for about 500 bucks. You can get the hv20 a little cheaper, but there are some feature differences. If you're on a fairly tight budget, the HV20 should do quite well.

All the lighting we used were those steel clamp utility lights from the home center, like 5-8 bucks apiece.

The green screen was about 25 bucks worth of fabric on sale at the fabric store, and about 10 bucks worth of PVC and slip fittings

The only costume piece I paid for was Kirby's jacket- look on ebay for "Youstars" or something like that- they have all kinds of stuff. Everything else was supplied by the actors.

Guns were mostly inexpensive spring airsoft covered in flat black spray paint. I think the most expensive gun a bought was 30 dollars. I borrowed a couple airsoft guns also.

Digital effects were courtesy of adobe CS5. I had access to that software through work and did not have to pay for it.

All the props were found objects, to include the following:
wire bookends
plastic parts bin
coiled cell phone charger wire
telephone headset amplifier
tv remote control

Oh, I also sprung for a shotgun mic, that was about 150 bucks but well worth it.

Really, the most valuable thing is people who are as passionate about the project as you are. You can probably do this a lot cheaper than I did.

Robert Rodriguez does a thing called "10 minute film school". Google that up also.

On youtube, check out:
The Frugal Filmmaker

And as always, I'm MORE than happy to share my experiences also!
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