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Originally Posted by whulorigan View Post
And, just to be clear, can do almost all of these things simultaneously. The CT Hand Computer was supposedly the equivalent of a Model/1, and it is TL11, not TL7-8, and is thus definitely much more powerful than an I-pad.

Plus, I like the interpretation (I believe Supplement Four on CotI has previously said it) that the size of the CT Ship's computer necessarily also includes the volume of the physical hardware of all of the ships electronics (Comms, Sensors, possibly back-up/redundant computer processors, etc - since CT has no design sequence for these obviously necessary but otherwise taken for granted pieces of shipboard equipment) which when things like antennae and detectors are considered, are not small devices.

The size of the ship's computer only starts to become an issue when you add in additional design elements to the standard design rules that detail the electronics systems separately.
As with any of the games from that era, when you try to go beyond the level of abstraction presented and zoom in on greater detail, it stops "making sense". 'The fault lies not in the games, but in ourselves.'
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