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Originally Posted by BwapTED View Post
Library searches on world info are measured in hours.

...Traveler computers are retro. Traveller info tech is retro. That's the baseline.

Why not just embrace that?

Libraries contain micro-books of the sort so common in sci fi of the early and mid 20th Century. Search engine? You mean the micronized card catalog?

Jump cassettes? Loads of cassettes!

TL 5-7 computers resemble computers from Babbage Engines through 1960s machines, but after that it gets funky.

This aint our future.
Well, it was CT so what was included was internally consistent with other CT products. There's no reason it all couldn't be played using T5, which would provide a bit more scalability WRT technology.

If the PCs were in a TL6 or 7 system then perhaps the searches would take hours.
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