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Originally Posted by BwapTED View Post
I was looking through The Imperial Fringe.

Library searches on world info are measured in hours.

I've often argued that the computer tonnages aren't really that huge when one considers what a ship's computer has to do and all the shielding, cooling, redundant features, etc.

But let's back up.

Traveler computers are retro. Traveller info tech is retro. That's the baseline.

Why not just embrace that?

Libraries contain micro-books of the sort so common in sci fi of the early and mid 20th Century. Search engine? You mean the micronized card catalog?

Jump cassettes? Loads of cassettes!

TL 5-7 computers resemble computers from Babbage Engines through 1960s machines, but after that it gets funky.

This aint our future.
I've always treated the Traveller Universe as an alternate future. I get more players starting games quickly that way, instead of playing Retcon the Universe at the table.
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