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Originally Posted by Kappa View Post
I was trying to talk in inches. Shouldn't do that as a European...

Thanks for your observation. I think what I saw was the .22 Long Rifle. I've just looked them up on the internet, though I can't remember seeing a rim at the bottom of the round. But then again I was very, very drunk...

I've never actually handled a weapon with caseless ammunition. Do they actually exist?
Yes. In three forms.

One is the ammo brick; the round is affixed to the propellant, which is strongly self-bound, and weakly bound to other rounds. The action strips a round, chambers it, and when the trigger is pulled, the chamber contains the explosion firing the projectile and working the action.

Two is the "projectile contained propellant round". The chamber is full bore, and the round long (usually 10:1 L:D); the propellant is actually in a cup on the back of the projectile. This was originally developed in the 19th C, based upon the late 18th C mine-ball. It only became practical recently, with electric igniters. The first versions were for percussion cap weapons, and I don't believe they made it into service, but a few blackpowder enthusiasts are using them at present. Current versions are not in military service, and use electric ignition.

three is the separate propellant system. Primarily used on Naval ship's guns, the propellant loads separately. Currently, not in military small arms use, but some experimentals are using injected liquid propellant and electric ignition. An action (usually electric) loads.
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