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Originally Posted by TheKiwi View Post
Not trying to be a nitpicker or anything (because I'm loving what's coming out and want more of the same), but with caseless cartridges, you'd have no need for a curved magazine as the cartridges are rectangles, not cylinders with rimmed edges. The only benefit that I can see from the curved magazine is that is protrudes marginally less below the weapon.

The H&K G11 rifle doesn't even have an external magazine, yet it holds 50 rounds. The FN P90 shows yet another way of storing rounds without having an externally protruding magazine.

Anyway, jsut some thoughts, and I am happy to be "shot down".
Your first statement on caseless rounds not needing a curved mag is a good one. One off those double snalehouse mags could hold almost twice as many rounds as in one with casings.

Your remark about the P90 is overtaken by reality. In practice the magazine lying on top of the weapon with a kind of swivel mechanism turning the round through 90 degrees has proven prone to stopages due to wear on the mechanism. It just isn't squaddie proof.

Edited to add: A long time ago I had a friend who was a sport shooter. He had an AR15 chambered for .22 civilian rounds. The ones with a puny powder charge which were almost cilyndrical in shape (Americans on here might know them). He had one 'Holywood Mag' which looked like a smallish 200rd box for a minimi. But instead of linked amo it had a long spring which pushed the rounds out. It held about 50 to 60 rounds and they lay in there like linked amo, but in the vertical instead of horizontal.
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