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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jalberti:
What happened to GDW?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So far as I've been able to gather (and someone Please correct me if I'm misstating - rather than just oversimplifying - anything), various factors (including the Mythus debacle, the underwhelming success of TNE, the early 90s CCG craze which GDW wasn't a part of, and the generally sorry state of the entire rpg & wargame industry at the time) led to a series of widespread and persistent rumors of GDW's imminent and inevitable collapse. Eventually distributors (many of whom were themselves hurting, especially after the CCG-bubble began to burst) started believing these rumors and became reluctant to order and stock GDW product (not wanting to get stuck with outstanding orders and/or unsaleable product from a company on the verge of going under), which essentially closed off GDW's primary source of sales and revenue -- they had the product, but no way of getting it to customers in sufficient quantity to keep them afloat. Thus the rumors became self-fulfilling prophecy.

Surely someone who was there at the time (like Loren Wiseman or Frank Chadwick) could add more details and missing puzzle-pieces, but I suspect it's not a topic they really enjoy dredging up.

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