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There is much in this thread that I agree with.

My attention in RPG's and traveller was re-awakened by the impulsive purchase of the new D20 version of STAR WARS from WWC.

I was expecting it to represent almost a decade of progress since I was a regular gamer.

I was so disapointed that I only managed to fight my way through three quarters of the rules.

That game was graphically excellent, with a good written style. I considered the rules to be a form of mental punishment. Everything is so needlessly abstracted that all the reality is sucked away, leaving xp's classes, levels. The rules just went on and on, table after needless table.

I am all for running games using rules that use D20 mechanics, so long as the rules are a step forward not a disasterous attempt to create marketshare out of an association with the D&D family.

Some of you may also shudder at the word 'Mythus', an attempt by GDW to attract customers from TSR which was a kiss of death to GDW.

Mark Lucas