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The shape of the dice don't matter. I can see terms and levels as being roughly equivalent. Hit points we have always had with us, and we can work around it.

I f*#*in' hate the idea of XPs.

Traveller was the first "storyteller" game, driven by narrative rather than "victory points." Success was an individual thing. Some characters succeeded by becoming wealthy. Some became nobles. Some learned more about the Origins of Man, or What Happened to Daddy? Sir Richard got to crawl back into his bottle and listen to the waves on the beach, again. That was the same in CT, MT, TNE, or T4.

Experience points change that. You have an objective, shared, measure of success, encouraging gamesmanship rather than storytelling. These XPs are awarded by the referee so, beyond creating a entertaining situation and characters, he is now a potentate, determining which chracters are Worthy and dispensing largess accordingly.