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I agree with the previous post. One of the problems with previous editions of Traveller has been the lack of adventure support. This was particularly telling with MegaTraveller, where you had a box set that included Spinward Marches data and a map of the sector, but no published adventures for the Marches until Arrival Vengance came along. Unless you were willing to suscribe to the Traveller's Digest or the MegaTraveller Journal, there were no published adventures in the main game area.

However, the sales figures given in the various volumes of the reprint series give a hint as to why fewer advetures were published for later editons of Traveller. In Classic Traveller, rules sets sold the most, rules expansion books sold somewhat less, supplements less, and adventures even less. Note that Signal GK sold only 5100 copies. Presumably, there is considerable investment in bringing out a new product, and 5100 copies at $6.00 a piece would not justify it.