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I think in the short term, T20 is god for Traveller. But in the medium to long term, d20 and the OGL are irrelevant. WotC like to _think_ they are the perfect strategy to lead to market domination, but the role-playing hobby is _not_ identical to the market.

People play d20/D&D because it is easy to do so: Well supported, easy to understand, lots of material that holds the referee's hand. But RPG's stimulate the imagination and after a time, a significant percentage of players will look beyong D&D. They always have.

What Traveller needs is a new version that provides that support, that doesn't intimidate newbie referees. The current CT reprints could be marketed this way and whilst the _rules_ are an important part of that, it is presenting the setting well that is I think key.

What FFE needs to do, rather than worry about a new version of Traveller-as-Game-System is to start publishing new canon Traveller material, ideally Scenario and campaign hooks. A new 76 Patrons, new original short adventures. Stuff that a Ref can use in their games. That's what the market wants: die hard fans who have the time to waste ;-> on message boards will write their own material, but the D&D juggernaut is fuelled by the fact that as a D&D player/GM, if you have the money, playing/running the game takes little effort outside running the actual sessions.

And I have got the CT reprints, and a pool of players none of whom have have played Traveller before...