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The question is not whether we, the consumers are capable of making T5 a viable enterprise, but whether the designers want to bother. Doing a full redesign of the game is a time consuming enterprise and the designers have obviously seen nothing that indicates that T5 would succeed regardless of the form it took.

The debates over rules on the T5 forum create the clear impression that current Traveller fans would be disatisfied with any set of rules that might be published. We cannot agree on the task system to be used, starship construction, or vehicles. I myself have contributed to these debates, and therefore must take some of the blame for creating this impression.

From the perspective of the designers it must simply be easier to gamble on the D20 Traveller and hope that new players can be found.

My own overall favorite system was MegaTraveller, which was very compatible with Classic Traveller, and much more comprehensive. Also valuable was the task system. By using house rules adapted from Striker, it made a very playable game.

Traveller New Era sounded like a good idea, until I had to deal with fractional penetrations, armor values of 500+, and Gauss Rifles that were less effective than Uzis. However, I still like the task system.

T4 was the most amazingly poorly done patch job I have ever seen. The task system was rejected out of hand (I've said that before) by every player I showed it to. Ground combat involved so many DMs that I failed to see why any change in task difficulty would make a difference. To add insult to injury, there was no consistancy to the game background. There was one map of Sylea and surrounds in the basic rules, another different sector map in the Milieu 0 book, and a text in the Milieu 0 book totally at odds with both. One would expect the game background of founding an empire against all odds to be exciting, but they botched that too.

Currently, I run a modified Milieu 0 campaign using a very modified version of the T4 rules. I have replaced the task system (adapting the TNE D20 system and banishing DMs wherever possible), incorporated special assignments into character generation (to give characters enough skills to make rolling less skill+attribute on 1D20 possible). Space and vehicle combat have been overhauled to eliminate having to deal with both difficulty level changes and DMs. Obviously, this has taken a lot of work on my part and the result is not perfect. My players like it, however.

I have considered tinkering with either MegaTraveller or Classic Traveller again, particularly since ordering the Classic Reprints. However, it would mean ending a campaign and starting a new one.

Despite the TNE and T4 disasters, I also wanted to see a new edition. I had sincerely hoped that T5 would be a more modern product every bit as great as the Little Black Books were. I would still like to see it.

After all, I do not want to play a Third-Level Marine.