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Default Spacecraft Sensor and Weapons Ranges?

I have the old CT rules, and was looking them over the other night, and noticed that a lot of the weapons ranges seem really short, e.g. 1,250 Kms, 25,000 kms, and 50,000 kms for many/most weapons.

Sensor detection for merchants was listed at 150,000 kms., with tracking out to 900,000 kms.. Ran across a thread though, mentioning a higher tech, improved commercial sensor with a range to 300,000 kms.

Military-grade ones, IIRC, are good to about 600k - 1.2 million kms. range.

I seem to recall ranges for perhaps a later edition being a lot longer than that, e.g. on the order of 300,000+ kms., and that 50,000 kms. was considered to be "short range", instead of 1,250 kms, so I'm wondering if the extended ranges are for later versions of Traveller, and/or if they are for higher tech levels of the vessels?

I'm primarily interested in the "Adventure class", small merchants, and smaller, naval vessels, like Patrol Cruisers, Close Escorts, Gunships, and SDBs.

It also appears that the weapons power of various armaments have increased considerably as well, for some variants too, especially for the larger, naval vessels that are probably best left to major fleet actions, like the Book 5 High Guard rules seem to have intended.

Is there a listing of the various Traveller rules variants, that shows which sensor and weapons ranges for spacecraft are used with them, or is there a changeover point, where the weapons ranges increased by about 1,000%?

I'm a bit confused on the subject, so any help people can provide, or links I should look at would be appreciated.

I tried doing a search, without much luck.
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