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Anyways: I guess the gist of what I'm saying is that MegaTraveller's basic concepts were sound, but that the actual execution and the design of several subsystems was lacking.

Basically, what I've been hoping for with every new edition of Traveller from TNE to MgT was to get MegaTraveller done right. So far, I've been disappointed every time. (I'm not counting T20 and GT here. Ironically, these Traveller incarnations of systems I don't really like did come much closer to my ideal vision of Traveller than any version of the game proper.)

I am reluctant to give T5 a try because I just know I'm going to be disappointed again. So the options I'm left with are:
- Redesign the faulty subsystems myself.
- Settle for "good enough" and cobble something together out of various bits, mostly CT and MT.
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