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Question Travellermap data file for Stellagama's Near Space?

Can any of y'all point me to a Travellermap sector data file based on Stellagama's Near Space maps for the Cepheus Engine?

I'm starting on Yet Another ATU (I've lost count over the years, but this will be #3 currently active, or #4 if you count my version of the OTU circa 1105-1115), and this one is a variant proto-Traveller something like Zozer's Orbital 2100 setting, plus 50-100 years of FTL star travel (still no gravitics) so I want to at least start from some resemblance to real space. I'll also be drawing on Higher Dimension's Stellar Winds setting for early interstellar tech, Niven-esque interstellar ramjets, before FTL discovery. (Huh, need to take another look at that, see what maps were included!)

Anyway, I found Travellermap's custom map-making ability invaluable in creating the setting for my SBRD campaign, so obviously i want to be able to do that again with the system data for this setting, so having the Near Space data in that file format would save me a lot of time in getting started.
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