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Default Where would you like to see new setting/sector material?

As I mentioned in my sector poll, I've been thinking of writing some setting material for Imperial sectors, inspired by Signal-GK's Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag. Since detailing all the worlds in a sector is a rather laborious process, I may start out focusing on a smaller area first, such as a quadrant or a subsector. But anyway, the sector poll allowed me to see which sectors were underdeveloped (at the time of writing, there are eight sectors which haven't received any votes yet, despite 21 people having voted already) and could use some ED-like material (though, Dagudashaag also hasn't received any votes yet...).

I looked at the less-popular sectors' data on TravellerMap, and narrowed it to a few sectors that I could think of some world or world group/adventure ideas for - those you see in the poll above. So, I decided to ask, which of these sectors would others be most interested in or like to see first? You can select multiple options, and I'm open to other suggestions, though I'd like to keep to the sectors of the T5SS for this, so the data I'm using doesn't suddenly get overwritten.

Some other projects I may work on in the near future including revising some of the older sector data on Explorer Base to T5 data format/standards, and there are still plenty of sectors on the edge of Charted Space (as well as in the Orion OB1 Association) where I could create new sector data...
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