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Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
The other crazy thing she was thinking of - again, if she had some actual gunnery skill - was the idea of modulating the laser into the visible light range, and lowering the power, then shining it into the cockpit to blind the pilot. Not really a good solution since there are way too many moving parts and too many places the referee might say "uh, no."
Not so much lack of skill as I just don't think weapon lasers are set up for that kind of variability. Maybe two or three basic settings to give laternatives if enemy is doing something to defeat or diminish your laser - like they have something bright red that is reflecting most of your red-spectrum laser, you can switch to blue or rainbow or something. Plus sin't there something w blue lasers being better to penetrate below surface of water? But the kind of stuff you're talking about would be some pretty tough Electronics work - or maybe not possible, I dunno, do different wavelength lasers need totally different crystals? I don't think you adjust that kind of thing at the gunnery station, no matter how skilled.
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