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Default Upcoming releases - Summer 2017

Coming this summer for These Stars Are Ours!

- 50 Wonders of the Reticulan Empire - advanced TL13 alien technology and psionics, above and beyond common Terran technology. "Blasters", tripod-walkers, mental domination, and more!

- Signal 99 - a large Reticulan saucer is critically damaged and you are the only ones who can help rescue its crew and passengers before its reactor blows!

- Liberty Ship - a no-frills, all-business 1,000-ton Terran wartime transport, now readily available on the civilian market.

- The Wreck in the Ring - an old derelict floats in a gas giant's rings. A belter hires you to salvage it. What wonders and horrors await aboard the dead ship?

- Milk Run - a "delivery mission" into deep Reticulan (Grey Alien) space. What could possibly go wrong?
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