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Default Actually, in the end, we're shooting for the average.

Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
stat skill points: doing it that way, I'd start the player at 777777 - average across the board.
I believe the task system in T4 depends on average characteristics to obtain average rolls.

So... just to let you know, 777777 is the targeted final result. The purpose of the system is to try to "force" the player into making an average character. They can still buy better-than-average characteristics, but they have to sacrifice something in return. Plus the geometric progression of the system "forces" players who want to buy extremely high characteristics into a situation of increasingly diminishing returns. For example take the average of 777777 = 42/6 = an average base sill roll of 7 across all 6 characteristics. But compare this to the extreme example of 5D5555. Its average will be 38/6 = 6.3. By throwing all their eggs in one basket, they are extremely good at one thing, but it hurts their chances at being as successful at everything else. And, on top of that, (on average!), they are worse at everything overall.

That's really where the 80 characteristic points come from. To raise 555555 to 777777 using the method described above costs 78 characteristic points with 2 left over.

If a player ends up with an average characteristic of 7, with, say, an average skill level of 2, that would give them a target roll of 9. Which is right at a 50/50 chance on 2.5d6.
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