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Cool Suggested "tweak" #3 -- Increase range difficulty, (and half dice aren't that bad.)

For a game that is as popular as Dungeons & Dragons with its multitude of polyhedral dice, frankly I really don't understand why the half dice in T4 was such an issue. I felt the idea of increasing the number of dice one rolled as either a task became more difficult, or the range increased, was truly innovative. And it's not like the math is hard. In fact, they even make six-sided dice that are printed 1 thru 3 twice. Just roll those, and count the dots.

What I felt was truly innovative was, unlike earlier editions where they added to the difficulty with some number as the difficulty increased, in T4 they added to the average you could roll. The dice did the math for you! And, by the way, that average, with each half dice, was two greater for every difficulty increase.

Which is perhaps why this idea of buying skills and characteristics using the geometric increase of skill/characteristic points has a hidden benefit. As difficulty increases, it actually becomes a geometric progression itself. To compensate for that difficulty increase, the character would have had to spend, not a proportional increase, but a geometric increase in abilities and skills.

The only thing that I noticed that seemed a little odd, was how shooting someone at Contact range only required a roll on 1.5 dice, and punching them in the face at the same range required a roll on 2 dice. Now admittedly, having never shot anyone at point-blank range, maybe I'm not one to talk, but I would think that wouldn't be any easier than trying to punch them out. So, I think, that is a tweak that is probably worth doing -- increase the range table by one difficulty level. Which would make it something like the following:

Contact -- Average -- 2D6
Very Short -- Difficult -- 2.5d6
Short -- Formidable -- 3d6
Medium -- Stagering -- 3.5d6
Long -- Impossible -- 4d6
Very Long -- Even More Impossible -- 4.5d6

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