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Please consider backing this so I can get a Traveller short story printed.

Here is Mayday! Sneak Peak no.1

'The dream is always the same. It goes like this: I am outside, reaching in. An unbearable cold hits me. Each inhalation crackles as the mucus in my nose freezes. It is dark but I can make out a dull white-blue glow in the distance. Ice, and in that ice your hand reaches back to me. I hear your words, always the same,
‘Come! Help us!’
‘Come to our aid!’
‘Come to our aid!’
Then you start to scream and the dream is different.
‘Come to our aid!’
You start to scream and I am awake.
‘Mayday, Mayday… we are under attack…’
I’m awake and we are in trouble. Yan is broadcasting an emergency distress call.'
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