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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
He glances back toward the house again. Where are the officers? Where is McBean, for that matter; this is his ship, he ought to be notified, even if he has no military authority.
[According to Aramis's post in Chatter, it seems that most all of the upper rank PCs and NPCs are over at the cricket game (which I think is fairly nearby, as that is where our two guard Privates ran from). I hope that on finding none of them available in the Director's House, Smithers will either run to the cricket ground or run back to Carson for further instruction.]

[If Smithers comes back with Major Fellows, Lt McPhee, or Mr. McBean, then GOTO Part B below:]

[If Smithers comes back without any of the above, to seek further instruction, then see Part A followed by Part B:]

Part A:

If Smithers comes back for further instructions, Carson will point toward the cricket grounds. "They may all be over there. Try not to interrupt the Major as this cricket game seems important to 'im, but if you can get to Lt McPhee, tell 'im what's going on over 'ere an'... well, 'e's the officer, I guess 'e'll decide what to do, but see if you can get 'im to come back 'ere an' sort this all out. If not Lt McPhee, then Mr McBean... well, tell Mr McBean anyway, as it's 'is airship bein' messed with."

Carson will keep a close eye on Color Sgt Dennis. Dennis will be required (and ordered by Carson if necessary) to keep his hands in plain sight, and his mouth shut until the officers arrive.

If Dennis starts trying to talk his way out, threatening the Privates, or making any other move to escape, Carson will tell him to shut his mouth or be gagged, and will do it forcibly if necessary. If gagging is necessary, Carson will also ask someone to hand him some rope to tie Dennis's hands behind him, and will take the screwdriver from Dennis's pocket (showing it to all others around as witnesses) and search Dennis for any other weapons he may have.

If Dennis behaves himself and waits quietly for the officers to show up, then Carson will not manhandle, tie, or gag him but will just wait at parade rest (which incidentally places his own hands behind him, near his sheathed bayonet, should Dennis try any sudden violence). He will let Dennis keep his screwdriver in his pocket, so that it may be pointed out later when laying out the facts for the officers.

Part B:

When one or more of Major Fellows, Lt McPhee, or Mr McBean arrive, Carson will happily turn the decision-making over to them. However, before any move is made to possibly release Color Sgt Dennis, Carson will inform the deciding officer of what he saw of Dennis messing with the camera, of Dennis's attempt to hide the screwdriver, and of Dennis's refusal to provide his name or orders. Carson will also prompt Lance Sgt Charley to show the invoices and explain their significance. If possible, Carson will prompt for Dennis to be held under arrest and restrained until all the facts can be determined.


Carson will take his first opportunity (either before or after the officers arrive, but not taking his attention off Dennis) to ask the two Privates who their Sergeant is (actually hoping it might be the mystery Sgt Major who is apparently lurking somewhere behind Carson), as Carson wants to request a few men to maintain constant guard on the airship until final liftoff.
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