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Default Where To Announce Third-Party Traveller OGL Products?

Good Morning, All:

As someone that has already stated publicly that they will be creating third-party products under the soon-to-be released Traveller OGL rules, I would like to announce some of the products I'll be releasing over the next few months. However, I do not know where to make such announcements in a manner that is visible to interested Traveller fans without stepping on the toes of the companies that host excellent Traveller boards. While I know non-Traveller boards that support multiple RPGs offer a publisher's announcement forum to localize such things within their own websites (such as ENWorld or, I don't know which ones are frequented by Traveller fans.

Therefore, I'd like to ask if anyone had any suggestions of where I could post "press releases" or public announcements regarding up-and-coming third-party Traveller products, either here or elsewhere, while remaining in compliance with the posting rules of this and other forums.

With Regards,
Jason "Flynn" Kemp
Editor of Stellar Reaches, a free fanzine for Traveller T20 and Classic Traveller
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