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Fortunate Son has jumped, so I've locked the thread on Chapter 01 and started a new thread for Chapter 02.

Since this OOC thread is also getting lengthy, I've been advise to also lock it and start a new one, but first, a bit of post-mortem on Chapter 01.

I'm having a blast so far as GM, and I hope all of you players are enjoying the game as well. If you have suggestions for things I might do differently, please post here, or PM/email me if you prefer.

This Play-by-Post thing certainly has its pros and cons compared to tabletop. I think overall I'd enjoy it more if all eight of us were simply gathered around a big table playing the game, but that isn't really possible considering our geographic separation, so PbP is a good substitute.

One thing that I really like about PbP as GM is the time that it gives me to think about a response rather than just throwing it off the cuff, and for this "mostly sandbox" kind of game we are playing that is important to me since I don't have any detailed adventure prepared, just building it as we go according to choices that y'all make.

For example, one major focus of your visit to Devonia turned out to be the deal with Nero Vulpinerrin and the loading of his special freight at his mining complex. You want to know where that came from? It's a long, involved chain, but it started w Fritz wanting Donoma to do some of her usual daily activities while waiting for Fortunate Son to arrive so that she could decide to sign on. So I threw a couple of package delivery assignments at her, and purely by whim made one of those deliveries be to a mining complex outside of Devonia City.

Then after handing off the package, Donoma was just making conversation with Wallis Kashnavari, the assistant manager at the complex, and asked how things were going, since she hadn't seen her in the City lately. Hmm, what would keep Wallis too busy to go into town? Why, the mine had made a big strike and was producing much more than its usual amounts of Lanthanum and other metals! They chatted a bit more, and Wallis mentioned that her boss was hoping to find a ship to transport all of this unexpected bounty of metals.

That was all, a tiny seed planted, but then when Donoma was hired she mentioned it to Hampton, who asked her to follow up on it, so that I had to invent the character of Nero Vulpinerrin and figure out the details of his contract with Ixion to provide motivation for wanting to get the transport ASAP and being willing to trust a bunch of strangers to haul it.

Y'all are all familiar with "the rest of the story" from there to your current position, in jump space on your way to Nexus, but let me tell you, it was great fun for me as GM making this all up as it went along, not as some plot purely out of my own head that y'all would be guided through as if on railroad tracks, but shaping it in response to your decisions.

I figured that the mining complex during pickup of the freight would be a good scene for some combat, but the possible scenarios for it to happen kept shifting right up to when you worked out each PC's positions for the loading, and even then the exact sequence was all by your tactical choices - for example, if more that just Hampton had chosen to go around the south end, it probably would have been more of an outdoor thing fighting around the VTOL. Plus the fact of having Donoma flying skywatch in the laser-equipped Launch, which I had not anticipated at all, made fairly short work of the resistance at that end.

I had also been expecting some space combat with a pirate at the gas giant when you went to refuel, but instead you tanked up at the starport.

How about for y'all? Are things moving about as you expected? Any comments or suggestions?

I will leave this OOC thread open another day or two, just for closing comments about Chapter 01. I'll open a new OOC thread to go along with Chapter Two.
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