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Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
All of which leads to the question, "is the Fargo captain an insufferable tool, or do I owe the man an apology?"
Neither, I think, at least not from the evidence presented. When I wrote the msg from Fargo, I didn't know if Donoma had been scanning him or not - I would assume that sensors work at lightspeed, and since his msg followed right after his transponder info, that would imply that he sent it right after coming out of jump and detecting and receiving transponder info from Fortunate Son. My intention was that he was simply saying, "I mean you no harm, I hope you don't mean me any harm, so we have no need for active sensing such as target acquisition, so let's not start any unnecessary aggressive escalation."

Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
I don't recall just how much info Jump Flash gives you, other than "oh look, a ship just came out of jump."
I go back and forth on that. Can't recall seeing any CT rule on it, just general impressions from other SF that there should be some sort of event that can be detected. But then I don't like the detection completely reliable and foolproof, or it makes it too difficult to sneak into a system when necessary. Perhaps a distance range, so if you want to sneak in you have to exit further out, do a fast bit of accel to aim where you want to go, then freefall the rest of the way.

But no, I don't think the Flash gives you much info other than, "Ship just came out of Jump."

Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
I would assume that normal etiquette would be - in a place where pirates are more commonplace - to "ping" a ship once with directed radar/ladar, then to not continue doing so. Anything else might be considered aggressive. (I fully expect some of the defense forces around here to do that; it's still aggressive, but they have their job to do.) I would think that any active grav-drive detection would fall in that category, as well.
Sounds reasonable.

Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
I also would think that one active emission would not be considered aggressive, even though constant: general radar. It would seem to be a normal sensor to have running (especially in uncontrolled areas) - much like a TCAS on airliners or the collision avoidance stuff on a sea-going vessel. It's dark out here, and you wouldn't want us to run into you because your headlights are off.
I agree. Although it is an active sensor, it isn't aimed at getting more info about a particular ship, or narrowing down its position and vector for targeting.
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