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To summarize the questionnaire responses:

1) Physical Location and Historic Time Setting
Most of you said you didn't care. Sam expressed that the Spinward Marches would be good bc everyone would be familiar w the sector; LiNeNoIse voted against the Marches on the same principle, that it had been "done to death".

I think I'll break the tie by declaring for Reavers' Deep, at the most interesting historical period I can figure. This will fit well with what some of you expressed as wanting to do in the campaign (those that gave an opinion). I'm thinking of sometime during the Long Night, when several small pocket empires are growing there, and the Aslan have just made contact. I'll have to check some historical notes to figure out an exact date.

2) What Do You Want to Do?
Again, most said this didn't matter, although LiNeNoIse voted against law enforcement. ATPollard suggested a Burn Notice or Firefly type group, which was also in line with the wishes of Sabredog, ErianFrost, and my son who hasn't made his CotI account yet.

That sounds to me like y'all would be best served by working together as a Free Trader crew, although on something larger than a standard Type A (see post above). You could haul cargoes and passengers around, run into the occasional "package trade" situation, run missions for patrons, etc. Pretty wide open as to whatever you want to do - maybe even some trade pioneer exploration to some of those worlds that have lost touch w civilization.

3) What Level of Realism?
Most didn't care, Dave said either 1 or 2, LiNeNoIse said 2 or 3, Sam said 2... So it looks like the most common vote, acceptable to all, would be for Level Two: Light Cinematic, which I defined as about the level of realism you'd see on Firefly. Mal and his crew aren't necessarily better or more skilled than everyone else they meet, but sometimes they are a bit more lucky. I think we play this by generating normal characters, but then having a rather sparse Drama Point mechanic. I'll write something up and post it in my blog for comments before we start playing.

4) How Much GM Direction of Activity?
I think Dave was the only one who expressed an opinion, suggesting mostly sandbox with some running plot arcs. I'll interpret that as most of the time y'all make your own way, doing whatever you want, but every now and then I'll throw out some rumors or a patron and y'all can decide whether to follow up or not. As to the continuing plot arcs, we'll see what develops as we play - if you make enemies, you may meet them again later; if you make friends, they may help you out later, or ask you to help them. (Oh, almost forgot another of Dave's suggestions; if somebody has a character idea with a background that might lead to some continuing plot, by all means let me know and we can work it in!)

Thanks for all of the fast responses on this! It appears the ball is now back in my court, as I need to get a couple of PDFs made that you might want to use in chargen (although feel free to go ahead and read the chargen rules that I have up on my blog, and get started if you want).

Oh yeah, one more thing I need from y'all: What do you want to name your ship?
Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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