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Originally Posted by Condottiere View Post
The dialogue and the actors are so static, that you probably could have just drawn matchsticks to represent them.
I can't agree with this, except maybe for Paul. Kyle was wrong for Paul in many ways. Not saying they were all that great in general, but hardly matchsticks. Most of them were seasoned character actors, who tend to have some color.

I think the many actors who seemed to have been told to "act like you have a stick up your ass," Stilgar, the Mentats, Pauls mom and dad, mostly seemed to manage to make that very thing over the top in their seriousness. Especially Stilgar. "I will take...the manboy...UH..." Many sort of cartoonish beats, for good for bad.

I do like a lot of the scenery and interiors from the movie. They actually helped me a lot in visualizing the Dune universe, something I had a hard time doing when I was a kid trying to read and grasp the book. Though weird and confusing for laypeople, the movie let me go back to the book and imagine things much better. And of course I was able to channel out the stuff the movie just doesn't get right (Weirding, Ornithopters, Paul, etc.)
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