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Hello there,
On page 347 there is a chart of starship positions and monthly salaries.
For the ones you are interested in:
Pilot: Cr6000
Steward: Cr3000
Medical Officer: Cr2000
Security: Cr: Cr2000

On page 348 is a paragraph about the salaries for personnel covering 2 positions. BAsically, they get the full monthly salary for the highest paid position plus 75% of the second position.

It doesn't say anything about 3 or more positions combined, so your GM (or you if you are GM) would have to make a call as to whether additinal positions add to the salary or if only the 2 highest paying positions contribute to the salary.

So, using just the top 2 positions, your Steward/Medic/Security personnel would be paid Cr4500 (Cr3000 + Cr1500).

Hope this helps.
-- R_Kane
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