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First, let me explain that this is my first post as I am a new Citizen.

Second, I'm still coming to grips with d20 Traveller as the last time I played was (gulp) 15 years ago in the Classic Traveller universe.

Third, to the point. What is the cost of hiring people? I have a character who is a Noble and who doesn't want to dirty his hands with menial tasks like piloting his yacht, etc. He specifically wants to hire a pilot and a steward/medic/bodyguard. I can't find specifics in the d20 Traveller book so I thought that a standard cost of, say, CR250 per character level per month would be reasonable but that is totally arbitrary.

I seem to remember that in the Classic Traveller game there was a monthly salary table for each class but that seems to have been dispensed with in the d20 game.

Help please.
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