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Hi, Dave. Some of this is addressed in the Setting Discussion and Characters threads. If you read Sabredog's character bio on Hampton Rhodes, it details the changing-of-hands of the ship, and change of name from Close Call to Fortunate Son. ATPollard's bio of Max Black also adds a little color as to the sloppiness and lack of maintenance of the ship prior to the change-of-hands. Further details await me getting some setting stuff done to determine what world this happened on, and where the course would take them from there. Hard to specify those things without more background of the worlds in the area.

I suggested in the Character thread (probably most recent post there at the moment) that players should decide at what point they joined the crew, before or after the change, or still waiting to join up along the way in Reavers' Deep.

I plan to begin the game in media res, with the ship about to come out of jump at its first destination over the sector border in Reavers' Deep; that seemed appropriate, considering the name and focus of the campaign. Those characters already aboard will be aboard; those not yet aboard (if any) will be waiting somewhere for the ship to arrive.

For your character, I think it more likely that Doc Freeman would be one of those hired after the change-over, as a ship's surgeon would be a more valuable addition to the crew in a frontier area than in a slightly more civilized area such as they are leaving. For Doc's naval career, I expect that he served in the Navy of the fairly large Imperial Remnant state centered on the Daibei sector capital. The capital still has a Naval Academy, which probably still calls itself the Imperial Naval Academy, although there is no more real Imperium at this point.

As the doctor, do you have any specific medical gear that your PC would have among his personal possessions, or items that you want to suggest for the ship's med-bay?

I am working on the maps and trying to identify key worlds so that I can give y'all more of a background to work with. Just have not been doing well past few days, so limited to what I can work on sitting in bed w my laptop. I really need to get out to the table where I can spread some things out to flesh out the maps better.

Sabredog is working on the ship. Last night he emailed me finished stats that will work nicely. Next is a deckplan and keyed descriptions of compartments, but he has some RL stuff to take care of before he gets to that.

As for salary structure, I haven't seen any discussion of that so far. Unless anyone wants to be responsible for the Accountants in Space role, I'd suggest something like the arrangements specified for the March Harrier in the Traveller Adventure, or maybe even not so complicated as that, since there is no subsidy to pay off. Just have a "ship fund" where revenue goes and expense are paid from, set a salary for everyone on the crew, and award some bonus money to the crew whenever there is a "Big Score".

TL;DR Summary: Some of what you are asking for is in the bio stories of Hampton Rhodes and Max Black. More details on the journey from the "change-of-ownership" location to the Deep will need to await me getting maps for those subsectors done with some identification of which worlds are still starfaring and which are not. I'm working on it!

Edit: Once I get the mapping and decisions about what starfaring states exist, then I would like to work w Sabredog on making a more detailed story as to getting the new transponder, hiring more crew, path of travel to the Deep, etc. I think that will satisfy more of your questions about "how did we get here". Unfortunately, the bottleneck is me getting those maps and setting details completed - or at least complete enough to work with.
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