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Ok, lets assume that some of us have already been on the ship for a while (a Jump or more of time), how did we get there?

My suggestion is that the ship's captain (player) kind of layout a mini prelude to the game start (working with the GM of course).

He skipped and got a ship and some crew out of the bargain, but how many of that former crew stayed?

When he got to his first planet (or the first civilized planet that he stopped at), what did he do then?

How did he advertise the need for new crew (like me a Doctor)?

Nothing extensive or highly detailed needed, just a backstory to show/explain how we all get where we are when the actual story starts. Doing this will make it easier for us to jump right into the game play.

And do not forgot our pay/salaries. As a Doctor (medic 4) I think my character would expect either a bit more pay per month than the 2KCr or some extra perks for hiring on.
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